The VOL.1 wholesale coffee beans pricing are based on the origins selected by the Client, offering a wide range of taste profiles for consistent pricing. If the Client decides to alternate their coffee beans within the same origins, the price will remain the same. Depending on the volume ordered on a weekly basis, the prices are eligible for discounts.

Our pricing is one of the most competitive in the market.


In order to retain the coffee beans freshness, VOL.1 roasts on a weekly basis for our wholesale Clients. Orders are also dispatched weekly, depending on the Client’s needs.

Our Client List department can execute orders that are submitted by 15.00 on Thursday afternoon and those orders are dispatched on the following Wednesday morning. Any special requests will need to be discussed with the Roast Master in advance, however, weekly deliveries ensure the quality, consistency and receiving ease.


VOL.1 offers private labelling for our Clients that want to include coffee retail in their business model. We will roast, pack and deliver the coffee bags to our Clients.