Do you offer door to door shipping?

Yes we do. The delivery address(es) mentioned in the Client Registration Form will be added to our delivery routes.

Can I change my roast profile easily?

You can change your roast profile anytime before executing an invoice by submitting a revised LPO. Please note, the ordering process needs to be completed before Thursday 15.00 for a slot in next weeks’ delivery.

Do you source beans other than the ones on the Client List?

Yes, we can source other origins for our Clients with a volume over 500kg per month.

Can I track the order?

Yes, once the order is dispatched, the Client will be notified.

Are the prices subject to change?

Once the prices are agreed upon by both parties, the prices will not change. VOL.1 is in partnerships with the coffee farms that supply the green beans ensuring consistency in product and pricing.

Is there a minimum order quantity for the coffee beans?

There is a minimum order quantity of 5 kilos due to the size of our roaster. If there are any special requirements, we can discuss this in further detail with the Client and Roast Master.

What are the payment terms?

The terms are 100% in advance for every weekly order. If the partnership is on a long-term basis i.e. one year of supply, VOL.1 and the Client can agree on payment terms that suit both parties.